Thursday, 15 March 2012

The problem of not having original ideas in Zambia

This week we turn our attention to the issue of political parties in Zambia of not having original ideas in regard to governing the country. This is especially true for the ruling party, the Patriotic Front. Due to this, the government of the day under the leadership of Michael Chilufya Sata has been fumbling with issues from day one. We note this as a matter of concern in Zambian politics. The redomination of the Kwacha is a case-in-point. We had stated in our manifesto, long before the PF came to power:

“The volatility of Zambia’s currency, the Kwacha, will be investigated fully by the SDC and prudent solutions will be sought to remedy this anomaly. In addition, the redomination of the Kwacha will be vigorously pursued by the SDC. This will involve the creation of a new unit which will replace the old unit, with a fixed number of old units being converted to 1 new unit. Simply put, the SDC will “cut” the zeroes in the Kwacha. The current situation where large dominations are used for simple day-to-day transactions is simply not competitive or sustainable. A name change will also be proposed as the Kwacha is also the name for Malawi’s currency. An indigenous and authentic name will be sought from the Zambian public through an inclusive and transparent process.”

The PF rushed to copy this issue but because it was not their original idea, they are finding it difficult to implement this monetary strategy. It is important that Zambians choose people who know how to move the country forward in matters of development and have sound and original ideas on this matter. We shall return to the PF's mediocrity in the next couple of months. Right now we are still watching.... 

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