Monday, 25 July 2011

Famine in the Horn of Africa

Again, the world is treated to the spectre of famine on the African continent. The images of dying children with distended bellies, falling hair and thread-bare skins continue to be beamed around the globe whilst African leaders meet to discuss on how to prop up dictators like Muammar Gaddafi. All over the world, hungry, ragged and malnourished Africans are depicted in newspapers and televisions. In 1995 there was the live aid campaign that saw western pop stars signing for food donations to Africa whilst politicians sat back and continued to misrule their countries. Without a doubt this can no longer be tolerated. There is need for a new generation of African leaders to come to the fore and deal with these problems of food insecurity and general poverty and squalor of African people. These images are indeed good tidings for the racists who have constantly argued that Africans and black people world over are sub-human. Well little do such ignorant bigots know about the Great Famine of Ireland (1845 and 1852)? We the people of Africa deserve better and need all these old men who should be playing with their grand-children to vacate office and leave the running of their countries to young, committed and vibrant Africans.

Now whilst innocent people die from hunger, Somalia, (where most of the affected people are located) is battle zone. Why? No body knows any more. Armed gangs and militias and extremist such as Al-Shabab continue to hamper relief efforts in the area. These groups just continue to kill and maim people for no apparent reason. We as the SDC are tired of the famines and pestilence in Africa! We the SDC are tired of the same old pictures showing dying hungry children in Africa! We are tired of Africa being seen as the world’s hopeless case when it has so much potential. Why is the African Union (AU) silent? Why is the AU only vigilant when it comes to futile political endeavours such as those in Ivory Coast or Libya, which were meant to keep dictators in power for example? Enough is enough. Africa needs a paradigm shift. The SDC calls for progressive Africans to arise and deal with this charade once and for all!